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HS_TMA neutron matter (no electrons)


This is the zero electron fraction EOS table with RMF interactions TMA [THSSN_1995]. Contributions of neutrons, anti-neutrons, protons, and anti-protons are included, whereas the net abundance of protons is always zero. The details of the underlying EOS model at finite electron fraction can be found in Ref. [HSNP_2010]. The manual from the web page at gives further information about the table. Applications of HS EOS for various different RMF interactions in supernova simulations can be found in Refs. [HFSLA_2012,SHF_2013].

Nparam = 2
Particles = np N
T min = 1.00e-01
T max = 1.58e+02
T pts = 81
nb min = 1.00e-12
nb max = 1.00e+01
nb pts = 326
Y min = 0.0
Y max = 0.0
Y pts = 1


References to the original work:
[THSSN_1995]   H. Toki, D. Hirata, Y. Sugahara, K. Sumiyoshi, and I. Tanihata, Nucl. Phys. A 588, 357 (1995)
[HSNP_2010]   M. Hempel and J. Schaffner-Bielich, Nucl. Phys. A 837, 210 (2010)
Further references:
[HFSLA_2012]   M. Hempel, T. Fischer, J. Schaffner-Bielich, and M. Liebendörfer, Astrophys. J. 748, 70 (2012)
[SHF_2013]   A.W. Steiner, M. Hempel, and T. Fischer, Astrophys.J. 774,17 (2013)

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