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FT variational EoS (no electrons)


In the present equation of state, nucleons are described within the variational approach of Ref. [TNTYST_17], combined with the quantum approach for d, t, h and alpha, as well as the liquid drop model for the other nuclei under the assumption of nuclear statistical equilibrium, see Refs. [FTNS_2017, FYSS_2017,FYSS_2013,FYSS_2011,] for details. Temperature dependences of surface and shell energies of heavy nuclei have been taken into account as well as the possibility of pasta phases for heavy nuclei and the Pauli- and self-energy shifts for d, t, h and alpha. The present version of the table does not include contributions from leptons and photons.

Nparam = 3
Particles = np N
T min = 1.00e-01
T max = 3.98e+02
T pts = 91
nb min = 7.59e-11
nb max = 6.02e+00
nb pts = 110
Y min = 1.00e-02
Y max = 6.50e-01
Y pts = 65


References to the original work:
[TNTYST_17]   H. Togashi, K. Nakazato, Y. Takehara, S. Yamamuro, H. Suzuki and M. Takano, Nucl. Phys. A 961, 78 (2017)
[FTNS_2017]   S. Furusawa, H. Togashi, H. Nagakura, K. Sumiyoshi, S. Yamada, H. Suzuki & M. Takano, J. Phys. G 44,9 (2017)
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[FYSS_2011]   S. Furusawa, S. Yamada, K. Sumiyoshi, and H. Suzuki, Astrophys. J 738,178 (2011)

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