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This hadronic EoS table is calculated with a generalized relativistic density functional (GRDF) based on a relativistic mean-field model of nuclear matter with density dependent nucleon-meson couplings using the functional dependence introduced in [TW_1999] and the parametrization DD2 [TRKBP_2010]. See [T_2018,TRKBP_2010,PT_2017,TWRB_2014 ] for details of the EoS model. Besides nucleons, electrons and muons with experimental masses, photons and nuclei are included as degrees of freedom. Two-nucleon correlations in the continuum are considered as effective resonances with medium dependent properties [VT_2012]. The dissolution of nuclei is described with the help of medium dependent mass shifts. Masses of nuclei are taken from the 2012 Atomic mass evaluation [AME_2012] if available. For other nuclei the predictions of the DZ10 model [DZ_1995] are used.

Nparam = 3
Particles = npemN
T min = 1.00e-01
T max = 9.12e+01
T pts = 75
nb min = 1.00e-10
nb max = 9.12e-01
nb pts = 250
Y min = 1.00e-02
Y max = 6.00e-01
Y pts = 60


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Further references:
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