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DNS(CMF) hadronic (cold neutron stars) with crust


The SU(3) Chiral Mean Field (CMF) model can be used to describe several systems, among which are the interior of neutron and proto-neutron stars. More specifically it is a non-linear realization of the sigma model which includes pseudo- scalar mesons as the angular parameters for the chiral transformation. It includes nucleons and hyperons as degrees of freedom (and in some cases free leptons). The model reproduces standard nuclear physical constraints as well as astrophysical ones, such as massive neutron stars. Within the model, baryons are mediated by vector-isoscalar, vector-isovector, scalar-isoscalar, and scalar-isovector mesons (including strange quark-antiquark states). At low densities and/or temperatures, the nuclear liquid-gas first-order phase transition is reproduced. At high densities and/or temperatures, chiral symmetry is restored, which can be seen in a reduction of the effective baryon masses. The present EoS table is for cold chemically-equilibrated neutron stars. For the present version, the crust EoS by Gulminelli and Raduta [GR_2015] has been added. The considered effective interaction is Rs [FRPR_1986]. Cluster energy functionals are those of Ref. [DLNP_2009].

Nparam = 1
Particles = npemBs
T min = 0.0
T max = 0.0
T pts = 1
nb min = 1.00e-07
nb max = 3.03e+00
nb pts = 1191
Y min = 0.0
Y max = 0.0
Y pts = 1


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Further references:
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