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RG(SLY4) with neutrino opacities, extended version


This EoS table corresponds to the extended NSE model proposed in Refs.[GR_2015,RG_2018] where excluded volume effects between nuclear clusters and unbound nucleons are implemented via energy shifts of clusters binding energies. For nuclei for which experimental masses are known, the mass tables of Audi el al. [AME_2012] are used. Then, up to the drip lines, evaluated masses of the 10-parameter model by Duflo and Zuker (DZ10) [DZ_1995] are employed. Beyond drip lines, nuclear binding energies are described according to the Liquid Drop Model like parametrization of [DLNP_2009], corresponding to SLy4 [CBHMS_1998]. This expression is modified in two respects. First, a phenomenological pairing term is added. Then, two correction terms are included such as to smoothly match, for each isotopic chain, the liquid-drop predictions with the limiting values of DZ10. The allowed mass range of clusters is 2 < A < 300. Unbound nucleons are modeled within the standard density functional theory [V_1996] model. The Skyrme SLy4 [CBHMS_1998] effective interaction is used.

The grid in temperature, baryon number density and electron fraction has been modified with respect to the original table (RG_SLy4) to have regular spacing and reach a maximal value of 110 MeV. Information on effective masses and interaction potentials have been added in eos.micro. The file eos.nu_opacities_rpa.h5 (attention, file size is 2 GB) contains tabulated charged-current opacities from RPA for nu_e and anti-nu_e [OPMN_2020].

Nparam = 3
Particles = Npen
T min = 1.00e-01
T max = 1.10e+02
T pts = 90
nb min = 1.00e-12
nb max = 1.50e+00
nb pts = 140
Y min = 1.00e-02
Y max = 6.00e-01
Y pts = 60


References to the original work:
[GR_2015]   F. Gulminelli and Ad. R. Raduta, Phys. Rev. C 92, 055803 (2015)
[RG_2018]   Ad. R. Raduta, F. Gulminelli, Nucl.Phys. A983, 252 (2019)
[OPMN_2020]   M. Oertel, A. Pascal, M. Mancini, J. Novak, Phys Rev. C102, 035802 (2020)
Further references:
[DLNP_2009]   P. Danielewicz et J. Lee, Nucl. Phys. A818, 36 (2009)
[CBHMS_1998]   E. Chabanat, P. Bonche, P. Haensel, J. Meyer, and R. Schaeffer, Nucl. Phys. A 635, 231 (1998)
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[AME_2012]   M. Wang, G. Audi, A. H. Wapstra, F. G. Kondev, M. MacCormick, X. Xu, and B. Pfeiffer,, Chin. Phys. C 36, 1603 (2012)

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