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LS220Lnl (with Lambdas, no low densities)


This EoS is an extension of the EoS by Lattimer and Swesty [LSNP_1991], including the Λ-hyperon as additional particle [GROMP_2013,OFNP_2012]. The hyperon-nucleon and hyperon-hyperon interaction is taken from the model by Balberg and Gal [BGNP_1997], which is similar to the nucleon-nucleon interaction of Lattimer and Swesty [LSNP_1991], i.e. a momentum-independent Skyrme type non-relativistic effective interaction. Photons and electrons/positrons are included as a free gas. Further details can be found in Refs. [GROMP_2013,3,OFNP_2012]. A first application in the supernova context is described in Ref. [GROMP_2013].

Nparam = 3
Particles = npae Bs NR
T min = 1.05e-01
T max = 1.82e+02
T pts = 162
nb min = 5.23e-08
nb max = 1.19e+01
nb pts = 163
Y min = 3.00e-02
Y max = 5.00e-01
Y pts = 51


References to the original work:
[LSNP_1991]   J. M. Lattimer and F. D. Swesty, Nucl. Phys. A 535, 331 (1991)
[GROMP_2013]   F. Gulminelli, A. .R. Raduta, M. Oertel and J. Margueron, Phys. Rev. C 87, 05580 (2013)
Further references:
[BGNP_1997]   S. Balberg and A. Gal, Nucl. Phys. A 625, 435 (1997)
[GROP_2012]   F. Gulminelli, A. .R. Raduta and M. Oertel, Phys. Rev. C 86 , 025805 (2012)
[PONP_2013]   B. Peres, M. Oertel and J. Novak, Phys. Rev. D 87, 043006 (2013)
[OFNP_2012]   M. Oertel, A. F. Fantina and J. Novak, Phys. Rev. C 85, 055806 (2012)

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