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STOS + hyperons (Sigma potential 30 MeV)


This table contains the EoS of C. Ishizuka et al. [IOTSJ_2008]. It is an extension of the EoS by H. Shen, F. Yang, H. Toki, K. Oyamatsu, and K. Sumiyoshi [STOSP_1998,STOSN_1998] including hyperons using a non-linear relativistic mean-field model with the TM1 parametrization [STNP_1994] of the effective nuclear interaction. Hyperonic couplings are fixed by SU(3)-symmetry and the single particle potentials in nuclear matter at saturation density. This is the version with U_{Sigma N} = 30 MeV. Non-uniform nuclear matter is calculated in the single-nucleus Thomas-Fermi approximation with parametrized density distributions in spherical Wigner-Seitz cells. Only neutrons, protons, alpha particles and a single heavy nucleus are considered. The present table was taken from the website of C. Ishizuka.

Nparam = 3
Particles = npeaNRBs
T min = 0.0
T max = 1.00e+02
T pts = 32
nb min = 7.59e-11
nb max = 1.51e+00
nb pts = 104
Y min = 0.0
Y max = 5.62e-01
Y pts = 72


References to the original work:
[STOSP_1998]   H. Shen, H. Toki, K. Oyamatsu, K. Sumiyoshi, Prog. Theor. Phys. 100, 1013 (1998)
[STOSN_1998]   H. Shen, H. Toki, K. Oyamatsu, K. Sumiyoshi, Nucl. Phys. A 637, 435 (1998)
[IOTSJ_2008]   C. Ishizuka, A. Ohnishi, K. Tsubakihara, K. Sumiyoshi, S. Yamada, Journ. of Phys. G 35 085201 (2008)
Further references:
[STNP_1994]   Y. Sugahara, H. Toki, Nucl. Phys. A 579, 557 (1994)
[SIOYA_2009]   K. Sumiyoshi, C. Ishizuka, A. Ohnishi, S. Yamada, H. Suzuki, Astrophys.J. 690 L43 (2009)

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