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This table corresponds to the zero temperature and beta-equilibrium unified EoS by Baym et al. [ BHK_2018]. The EoS are divided into four distinct domains: the crust, nuclear liquid, hadron-quark crossover, and quark matter domains. For each domain we assign an equation of state as

Crust : Togashi EoS [TNTYST_17]
Nuclear liquid : APR98 EoS [APRP_1998]
Crossover : QHC18 [BHK_2018]
Quark matter : QHC18 [BHK_2018]

The quark matter EoS (including up-, down-, and strange-quarks) in the QHC18 was calculated using the NJL model within the mean field approximation. As variable parameters, we choose g_V and H which quantify the strength of the repulsive density-density interaction and the attractive paring-interaction between quarks, respectively. We chose (g_V, H)=(0.80,1.50)G which is compatible with hadron physics. The QHC18 satisfies the empirical constraints from neutron stars as well as the causality and thermodynamic consistency.

Nparam = 1
Particles = npeNq
T min = 0.0
T max = 0.0
T pts = 1
nb min = 8.69e-11
nb max = 1.70e+00
nb pts = 400
Y min = 0.0
Y max = 0.0
Y pts = 1


References to the original work:
[APRP_1998]   A. Akmal, V. R. Pandharipande and D. G. Ravenhall, Phys. Rev. C 58, 1804 (1998)
[TNTYST_17]   H. Togashi, K. Nakazato, Y. Takehara, S. Yamamuro, H. Suzuki and M. Takano, Nucl. Phys. A 961, 78 (2017)
[BHK_2018]   G. Baym, T. Hatsuda, T. Kojo, P.D. Powell, Y. Song, T. Takatsuka, Rept.Prog.Phys. 81, 056902 (2018)

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